The School is made up of four phases:

Early Years (including Reception and Little Fishes)
Years 1 and 2
Years 3 and 4
Years 5 and 6

The Senior Leadership Team directed by the Head, Deputyhead and SENCo ensures that the teaching and learning for your children is the best it can be. There are two Reception classes in the Early Years team with Little Fishes Pre-School.

Early Years and Pre-School

Mrs M Hutchins Senior Team Leader (SLT)

Pre-School Leader

Mrs C Ricketts

Reception Teaching Staff (2 classes)

Miss E Houghton

Mrs J Griffin and Mrs Woolgar

Key Stage 1 Teaching Staff

Year 1 (2 classes)

Miss B Welsby

Mrs P Kirkpatrick / Mrs N Roberts

Year 2 (2 Classes)

Mrs M Ludgate, SLT

Miss M Ross

Key Stage 2 Teaching Staff

Year 3 (2 classes)

Mr A Heys

Miss A Burke

Year 4 (2 classes)

Mrs E Purcell, SLT

Miss R Goodman

Year 5 (2 classes)

Mrs K Little / Mrs E Collett

Mr P Cheyne

Year 6 (2 classes)

Mrs M O’Connell, SLT

Miss N Donnelly


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