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While we appreciate the benefits of going online, we are also aware of the risks. At St Peter’s teaching E-Safety is at the heart of our computing curriculum and general safeguarding of children.


The risks are grouped into 4 categories:


  1. Conduct: children’s behaviour may put them at risk
  2. Content: access to inappropriate or unreliable content may put children at risk
  3. Contact: interaction with unsuitable, unpleasant or dangerous people may put children at risk
  4. Commercialism: children’s use of platforms with hidden costs may put them at risk


The following links also provide excellent resources to support you in talking about E-Safety with your child:


Cyber Ambassadors



At St Peter’s we are committed to keeping children safe, this includes online safety. We are part of the Cyber Ambassador scheme run by Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner. We have 9 trained Cyber Ambassadors across the school to promote and teach online safety. The Cyber Ambassadors use various interactive and age-appropriate learning materials to deliver cyber education. The Cyber Ambassadors mission is #GoFISH which stands for Go Find Internet Safety Help.


Cyber Monsters



The scheme is based around ‘Cyber Monsters’ which do unkind things online. We need to be aware of these when we are on the internet in order to be safe. Each monster has a name and a ‘motive.’ The monsters are:


  • Meanataur - Sharing mean things online / cyber bullying
  • Angler - Uses unsecure links, pop-ups to get you onto different websites
  • Info-Eater - Likes to encourage you to share personal information and passwords
  • Selphire - Likes you to post photos online / privacy
  • Bi-Diphorous  - Strangers online that pretend to be someone else.


You can find more information here


Once trained, our Cyber Ambassadors teach their class and phase about each of the Cyber Monsters and how to defeat them. The Cyber Ambassadors meet once a week to continue online safety training and to plan what to teach next.