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Homework Policy

What Kind of Homework? There are three kinds of homework.

1. Regular, routine practice of reading, tables and spelling

All children are expected to establish sound working habits by reading on a regular basis at home. The opportunities for sustained reading for pleasure need to be extended beyond the classroom. Children should read every evening and we have recommended minimum times for each phase. Spellings and tables are best learnt at home. In school the teacher will guide the childs progress and specify the spellings and tables to be learned, then the child will work at home to learn them thoroughly.

Some children need to develop the ability to concentrate and complete tasks in a set time. If your child finds it difficult to concentrate and focus on a task, it may be helpful to set a clock and ask your child to work within a given period.

2. Completion of unfinished classwork

All children may occasionally be asked to complete some work at home. If your child seems to have too much work to complete at home you need to discuss this with your childs teacher.

3. Formal, set homework

Explanation and time allocation is to be found in the sections for each phase.

Homework Support

To support home school liaison parents have:

A Reading Diary Blue in KS1 for parents and teachers to write in. Yellow in KS2 for parents, teachers and children to write in.Homework Diary A light blue printed book to be used by all children in Year 5/6. Children are to write the homework tasks in this and parents are requested to sign on a weekly basis. Parents and children are to discuss how much of the owl should be coloured in each week.Home/School Book For general liaison.

If your child is consistently unable to complete the work in the given time, please contact the class teacher sooner rather than later.

If a child is sick s/he is exempt from homework for that day.

Each class teacher will advise parents regarding expectations for presentation of work. The homework task in the KS2 department will be written on the board. Examples will be given so that parents understand the context of the work.

Most of the work that is set will be of the kind that can be marked as a whole class. This is so that teachers can focus their energies on preparing lessons rather than on marking homework.

Parallel classes will be given work in the same subjects, but the content may differ according to ability. The Phase Manager will ensure that the level of homework is consistent across the team. If you have any concerns about this please speak to your childs teacher or the Headteacher, if necessary.

Arrangements for collecting homework will be organised by individual teachers. The date by which the homework is to be completed will be given.

The Parents Homework Consultation Group and the Headteacher will monitor the homework arrangements.