Teaching of Reading

It is important for children to love books and reading. We want children to pick up books and share them. We organise our reading books into levels according to a nationally recognised scheme called “Book Bands”. Book Banding is a method of grading the reading level of a book. The bands enable the books to be graded from the simplest texts suitable for very early readers to texts for fluent readers. Each band is given a colour. Within each colour band children select reading books from a range of fiction and non-fiction texts that are suited to their current reading ability. Teachers constantly assess children’s reading level and ensure that pupils are offered a suitable range of texts from which to choose their current reading book. The books that are selected for independent reading are intended to be comfortable for the child to read. In school, teachers manage guided reading in small groups where children are stretched up to the next level and work towards the next set of reading goals. As part of the reading process teachers encourage lots of talk associated with books and text. Did you like it? Why? What was your favourite part? What might happen next? We encourage the children to read and share books every day.

Please do have a look at the following recommended reads for your child’s year group:

2018 Recommended reads Year R

2018 Recommended reads Year 1

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