Teaching Policy

Persons Responsible for the Policy:
The governors of St Peters are responsible for seeing that the policy is implemented.
The Head is responsible for the management of the policy.
All teaching staff are responsible for the implementation of the policy.


To ensure consistent and effective teaching so that all children can make progress, we aim:
  1. To establish a shared view amongst all teaching staff of what constitutes good teaching.
  2. To ensure provision for continual improvement and consequent raising of standards.
  3. To establish criteria for the monitoring of the quality of teaching.


  1. Teachers are to have a secure knowledge and understanding of the subject or areas they teach.
  2. Teachers are to set high expectations so as to challenge pupils and deepen their knowledge and understanding, ensuring progress is made.
  3. Teachers are to plan effectively.
  4. Teachers are to employ methods and organisational strategies which match curricular objectives and the needs of all pupils.
  5. Teachers are to manage pupils well and achieve high standards of discipline.
  6. Teachers are to use time and resources effectively.
  7. Teachers are to assess pupils work thoroughly and constructively, and use assessments to inform teaching.
  8. Teachers are to use homework effectively to reinforce and/or extend what is learnt in school.