Year R Spring Walk

We wrote a list of the things we might see in Spring and then we walked around the school to see if we could find them. We spotted daffodils, daisies, blossom and lots of other buds and flowers. The sun was out and the children were very curious. They looked carefully at the flowers and noticed small details.

”This one’s my favourite (daisy) because it has pink on it” – Isabel P

”Wow that ones the best because it’s so big” – Kasper

March 2019








The Evil Pea – 10 May 2019
The Evil Pea visited our Reception classes and captured the vegetables. The children made posters to put up around the school to let everyone know that there was an Evil Pea on the loose. Luckily the children were able to follow the pea trail and rescue Supertato and free the other vegetables. We also had a vegetable tasting session where we cut up and fried courgette, aubergine, tomato, carrot and potatoes.
”I loved the courgette” – Cillian
”My favourite was everything” – Runrui
”Courgette is yummy” – Arthur