Autumn 2019

Baking biscuits

We had great fun baking biscuits today. We talked through the ingredients we needed to put in, everyone had a go at kneading and rolling the dough. We cut out one shape each and got to take it home at the end of the day. The children were very excited.
”It’s a treat because it’s got sugar in.” Leonie
”It smells like ginger.” Imogen


Year R have been learning the Creation story. First, we read the story from the Bible, then we went on a ‘creation walk’ to see what things we could find that were created by God. We then painted pictures of some of God’s creations.

Anna Lucia said “I can see the fruit on the tree. God made it.”
Lila said “I found some rubbish, we need to put them in the bin.”




Special Visitor – 04/07/19

This year we have had lots of fantastic special visitors talking about their jobs. Today Mr Maeso came in and talked about his role at an energy company. He taught the children how we can transfer energy from our bodies into a balloon, he read us a story and we talked about how we can help our planet. Mr Maeso kindly donated us 4 copies of the book and some of us made posters as a reminder of how to ‘Love our home.’
Kaspar said, ”Miss Houghton you have left the whiteboard on, that is a waste.”
Zara said, ”We can’t waste paper.”



Year R sneak into Year One!

Yesterday Year R had their Discovery Time in Year One. They played with the trains, created stories and coloured in pictures. It was so much fun.
Archie said, ”Do we have to go back to our classroom?”
Tom said, ”I can’t wait to be a Year One”



Year R Spring Walk

We wrote a list of the things we might see in Spring and then we walked around the school to see if we could find them. We spotted daffodils, daisies, blossom and lots of other buds and flowers. The sun was out and the children were very curious. They looked carefully at the flowers and noticed small details.

”This one’s my favourite (daisy) because it has pink on it” – Isabel P

”Wow that ones the best because it’s so big” – Kasper

March 2019








The Evil Pea – 10 May 2019
The Evil Pea visited our Reception classes and captured the vegetables. The children made posters to put up around the school to let everyone know that there was an Evil Pea on the loose. Luckily the children were able to follow the pea trail and rescue Supertato and free the other vegetables. We also had a vegetable tasting session where we cut up and fried courgette, aubergine, tomato, carrot and potatoes.
”I loved the courgette” – Cillian
”My favourite was everything” – Runrui
”Courgette is yummy” – Arthur


Year R Shop Trip

Before Easter the children chose to set up a role-play shop. Following their interests, in Maths they have been learning about money. Last week the children went to a local shop to spend 10p, they had great fun choosing what to buy and then paying for it themselves.
Samuel said, ”Do we get to use real life money?”
Archie said ”I choose this because they’re 5p so I could have two of them”
Barnaby Bear and Little Bear’s Birthday
We spent two weeks preparing for our class teddy’s birthday. We wrote shopping lists, invitations and birthday cards as well as creating presents, decorations and baking cupcakes. On the big day we came to school in our party outfits, played party games and had a teddy bear’s picnic. What a busy day!
Longdown Activity Farm

Year R had a very exciting journey to the farm on a double decker bus and the rain managed to hold off all day. The children enjoyed a hands on experience where they were able to feed, hold and stroke different animals.

Runrui said, ”My favourite was the kids”
Hetty said, ”This was the best day of my life!”



Forest Schools

Year R had another forest school session out in the Wildlands.  The children enjoyed some of the same activities from their Hillier’s trip including searching for different natural colours and minibeast hunting. Some of the children even helped keep the area clean as they found various rubbish items scattered around which they collected and put into the bin.
Aoife said ”I enjoyed finding new ways of getting down the big hill” 
Nevaeh said, ”I liked mud painting”
Year R had another great forest school session  in the beautiful sunshine. The children showed great teamwork when moving things around and playing games. Some children made their own perfume using petals and water, others enjoyed creating bunting using mud paint which they made with mud and water.