Welcome to KS1 – do have a read of the information of what we will be doing in KS1 in academic year  2019 – 2020 by clicking Parents new to year 1 meeting 2019 parent hand out

Year 2 had the best time at Milestones Museum.  We learnt all about houses and homes from the past.

We were amazed that the kitchen in the 1930’s didn’t even have running water or a fridge!

We used our history thinking to try and work out what objects were used for and why they would have had them in a kitchen.

We then explored the museum and dressed up as Victorian children and found the model man on the outside toilet!


This half term we have been busy learning to tell the time. We have been practicing to tell the time to every 15 minutes.

We use bug club online to read stories and practice answering questions about the book. Children can log on at home as well. Which book will you read next?

In Year 2 we have written letters to our parents to tell them about an Author we were learning about. We spent some time editing our work with our teachers, friends and with word mats to help improve our spelling and word choice.






Just before the May half term break we celebrated the focus and determination that each of the children from Year 2 displayed in their special challenges. We enjoyed delicious real fruit ice-lollies in the glorious sunshine. Well done Year 2!



During June, Year 2 have been looking at the book ‘Grandad’s Island’ in our English work. We have written letters to Grandad and setting descriptions as well as some narrative about the story. Linking to this for our homework we all made our own Islands. Some children researched an island and produced PowerPoints, leaflets or poster about them. Other children got creative with making models of what their island would look like. Some children even drew maps and made messages in a bottle from their island. Their efforts were outstanding and we had a fantastic afternoon looking at each others work and noticing all the effort and detail which went into making them all.

DT Puppets in Year 2

For DT in the Summer term, Year 2 have design and created their own dragon puppets. We were studying in English a book called ‘The Clockwork Dragon’ which influenced our DT topic. We had great fun decorating our puppets with features such as wings, sharp teeth and tails.

The Great Fire of London

As the introduction to our new English text, Yr 2 arrived in school to find a large sack. We unwrapped it to discover ingredients for a very old recipe for 1669. We then looked carefully at the cover of the book and realised it was about the Great Fire of London in 1666. We are really excited to see what writing and learning we will be doing over the next few weeks!

Twisted Tale

Before half term Year 2 worked hard to write and illustrate their own twisted tradition tale. We used the Three Little Pigs as a starting point. To celebrate our journey as authors we read our stories to the Year R children.

Darcy (YrR) said ‘Evie came to read to me. I liked her book about a fox who built houses.’

Henry (YrR) said ‘ I liked the pictures in the story I heard. It has lots of animals in it.’

Luca (Yr2) ‘I really enjoyed reading to the Year R children my story. It made me feel proud to read what I had written.’

Christmas has arrived in Year 2!

We had a fantastic afternoon playing the homemade maths games that the children had created as part of their home learning. We had to take turns, add up numbers, count carefully and listen to the game creator as they explained how to play. It was wonderful to see all the imaginative ideas the children came up with and all the cooperative play, which took place. Well done!