Year 4

Year 4 pizza making

On a beautiful sunny day last week, Year 4 made delicious pizza from scratch and enjoyed their hard work with a pizza picnic on the field. Our cooking experience has linked to learning opportunities across various subjects. In Geography this term, we have been learning about Naples and comparing the city with Winchester. In Science, we have been learning about healthy eating and in Maths we have been calculating using money to cost our ingredients. The children have also written wonderful recipes, in their English lessons, so that they can share their pizza creations with others. Well done Year 4.

March 2019

Learning about the digestive system in Science

As part of our topic about the human body, we went outside to conduct a very messy experiment where we recreated our digestive system! We explored through a very hands on investigation how a meal (biscuits, banana and water) travels through the different stages of our digestive system. We recreated the effects of chewing our food through lots of crunching; our stomach acid with acidic orange juice, and our large intestine using tights. Great fun and memorable learning.

Hughie said,  “I liked the grossness and the fun of learning about the digestive system!”



To fit with our topic of Stone Age to Iron Age, we have been learning about Aboriginal Art. The focus of our art work has been the natural world, particularly animals which would be found in Australia. We have used the ends of pencils to make dots of paint which work together to make our pictures.

Layla said,  “Painting Aboriginal art was great fun because we could use our imagination to paint in a different style”

Nicolas said, “It inspired us to make art projects about animals and other creatures.”

 “When you are doing Aboriginal art it takes time and effort but it is worth it,” said Eleanor

“I like it because it is calm and relaxing,” Ava

Isla said, “It looks better if you see it from a distance because the picture is clearer. Up close you can see the dots and the gaps in between.”


As part of our English unit on Stig of the Dump, Year 4 were set a homework project to build Stig’s cave. When we had finished them, we shared what we had done with small groups in our classes.

Emma said, “I enjoyed the project because it was really fun being creative about how to make Stig’s cave!”

“I enjoyed it because I got to build it in Minecraft and use TnT to make the hole”, said Albert

Ava said, “I thought it was fun because we don’t usually get homework where we have to make something.”

“It was a really nice opportunity for everyone to free their imagination and build what they wanted in the cave.  We could use the materials we wanted to”, said Natalia

Noah said,  “I enjoyed using the clay to make Stig’s cave.”