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September 1999 marked the opening of Little Fishes Pre-School, offering a much needed provision for pre-school children aged between 2 years, 9 months and 4 years.

Our management

Little Fishes Pre-School is managed by the Governing Body of St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, under the Community Facilities Powers Initiative, run by the Government, which the Governors were granted in September 2004. As part of this initiative, the Governors are responsible for the employment and care of staff and for ensuring that legislation is adhered to.  The Pre-School Leader is responsible for the curriculum and the day-to-day planning for the children, in collaboration with the School’s Senior Leadership Team.

Our team

Caroline Ricketts, the Pre-School Leader and SENDCo, and her team are all experienced childcare practitioners who constantly reflect on their practice to ensure that they give your child the best possible pre-school experiences. They are all approachable and happy to answer any questions, worries or concerns you may have.  Your child will be allocated a member of the team to be a key-person to your family.  We also take students from the local schools and colleges to gain valuable work experience during their studies for childcare qualifications.

Our ethos

We believe that young children need a warm, secure and welcoming environment where the adults who care for them work in partnership together. Therefore we have an ‘open-door’ policy at Little Fishes, and parents and other carers are welcome to stay and play with their child as frequently as they would like.  This also provides an opportunity for parents and other carers to chat informally with their child’s key person, become familiar with our routines and activities and watch their child as they develop and learn new skills.  The warm and caring environment we create depends largely on the high expectations we have of the children.  We teach that respect for each other and their environment makes Little Fishes a happy and safe place to be!  As well as encouraging the importance of being kind, caring and sharing, the children are provided with a lively, creative and stimulating curriculum.

Session details

The Little Fishes gather together for five days a week, Monday to Friday, during term time. We offer full day sessions, 8.45am-3.45pm, 3 hour morning or afternoon sessions, 8.45am-11.45am and 12.45pm-3.45pm, and 4 hour morning or afternoon sessions which include a Lunch Club (parents provide a packed lunch for their child), 8.45am-12.45pm and 11.45am-3.45pm.

Admissions Policy

Although housed within St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, and working closely with the Reception teachers, Little Fishes Pre-School has its own Constitution and Admissions Policy. The Admissions Policy for St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School and Little Fishes Pre-School remain completely separate and a place offered or accepted at the Pre-School does not automatically secure a place at the School.  For details of the Little Fishes Admissions Policy Little Fishes Admissions Policy April 2018


If you would like to apply for a place for your child, please contact the school office for an application form or Little Fishes Application form. You are also most welcome to come and have a look around Little Fishes.  We have visits for parents on the first Friday of each month at 4pm, during term-time.  Please contact the school office (tel. 01962 852820) to make an appointment.


All parents are eligible to claim the ‘universal’ 15 hours a week Early Years Education funding (a total of a maximum of 570 hours in any one year), as follows:

A child born between A child will be eligible for three or four year old funding from
1 January and 31 March 1 April following the child’s third birthday
1 April and 31 August 1 September following the child’s third birthday
1 September and 31 December 1 January following the child’s third birthday

Having fully considered the options and the impact on the sustainability of Little Fishes Pre-School, the Governors have decided that we will not be able to offer parents the ‘extended’ 15 hours (30 hours) a week funding from September 2018.

When your child becomes eligible for funding, you will be given a HCC form each term for you to complete, and the school office will process your claim for you. The HCC Early Years funding Privacy Notice is available for parents to read on request.


Any hours taken above the funded hours will be charged as an additional cost (currently £5 per hour).  Payment for allocated sessions is payable at the beginning of each term, regardless of any days not taken due to holidays, sickness etc.  Invoices are issued at the beginning of each term.   We reserve the right to withdraw places should payment not be received by the due date, or a mutually agreed instalment plan set up, until all outstanding fees are paid in full.


6 weeks notice is required if you wish to cancel any of your confirmed places. Should we not be able to fill the cancelled places, any fees for those sessions will be payable in full.

Term dates

Little Fishes is open during term-time only, in line with St. Peter’s School term dates. Have a look at the Little Fishes term dates 2019/2020 – Term Dates 2019 2020

Below is a list of our Little Fishes Policies:

Policy 1.1 Children’s Rights

Policy 1.2 Safeguarding

Policy 1.6 Online Safety

Policy 4.1 Role of key person

Policy 5.1 Staffing

Policy 6.2 Managing children who are sick

Policy 6.4 Nappy changing

Policy 6.5 Food and drink

Policy 7.1 Behaviour

Policy 8.1 Health and safety

Policy 9.1 Diversity

Policy 9.2 SEN

Policy 9.5 British values

Policy 10.5 Parental involvement

Policy 10.10 – information sharing

Policy 10.11 working in partnership with other agencies

Policy 10.12 – making a complaint

Privacy Notice