St. Peter’s Wild Land

St. Peter’s Wild Land

You may have heard of Forest School which is an approach to learning using the outdoor environment. Throughout last year we started to investigate what this approach involves and whether we should adopt it at St. Peter’s. I invited a local leading expert, Sam Victoria, who set up the Little Explorers (where some of our children spent their pre-school years) to come and look around our grounds. Sam was enthusiastic and inspirational so we invited her back on Monday to lead our Inset.

During the day, over 50 staff and governors cleared and made safe what has been a redundant part of the school site. We lopped branches, cleared paths, created spaces and built constructions. We have created a wild land that we hope will enrich the curriculum for all our children.

We hope to feedback to you the learning that takes place there as the year progresses. Watch this wild land space!




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