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Year 6 Leavers Song

Family Art Challenge

RE Work by Hope S in Year 1

DT/Science Project: Make a Boat that Floats by Logan, Year 1

Egg Parachutes: On Wednesday, Mr Newsam set us the challenge of making 'egg safety parachutes'. The mission was to construct a parachute that would allow an egg to be dropped off the mound, at school, and survive! Mr Newsam said he would like at least one egg to survive for his tea; he ended up with 6!

Year 5 Ancient Greeks

Year 1 Gruffalo Stick Puppets and Making Boats and Rafts That Float

School Council Family Challenge

Year 3 Science - how coloured water ‘walks’ from glass to glass via kitchen roll and how the primary colours mix - by Leo

Year 3 Science - a detailed life cycle of a sunflower - by Hannah

Year 4 - Spelling Strategy Poster by Jess

Year 2 - The Christmas Dragons by Edward

Year 4 - Finding Area Using Post-its by Arthur

Year 3 - One of our wonderful year 3s did a sponsored run and raised an amazing £352.50 for the NHS!

Year 6 History Family Challenge

History Family Challenge

Year 2 NT Class

Pentecost Family Challenge

Greek God by Eleanor

What Am I? Poems by Zarah, Year 2

The Great St Peter's Bake Off Family Challenge

Reading Family Challenge

Summer Solstice Artwork by Verity, Year 3

Year 3 were asked to do some research about St Peter. Buzzy thought about what the real keys to the kingdom of Heaven were

Nicholas made this cake and then delivered to his friends who he is missing.

The Great St Peter's Bake Off Family Challenge

Year 4 Science - Year 4 were challenged to make a string telephone to investigate how sound travels. I wonder what messages they managed to send...?

Year R Model of St Stephen's Church by Riley