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At St Peter’s, we encourage children to develop a lifelong love of physical activity and sports that will enable them to live healthy and active lifestyles and compete in events in the outside world. Our PE curriculum teaches and develops physical movements and then develops these into broad skills required for a variety of sports and physical activities. We believe that every child has a right to lead an active and healthy lifestyle and through a range of activities we hope to provide them with an array of skills and techniques that they can apply to master sports and to help them live a healthy lifestyle.


The majority of PE is taught through 2 weekly lessons, linked to the National Curriculum. Children explore and develop a range of fundamental physical movements through Early Years and KS1 allowing them to become increasingly competent and confident in applying them in a range of opportunities, extending their agility, balance and co-ordination.  Through KS2 these are developed into sequences through greater collaboration and competition. Throughout lessons they will engage in a range of physical activities and sports developing and improving techniques and evaluating their successes.


Skills and physical movements are not taught in isolation and children are encouraged to make links and apply what they have learned through games and activities to ensure that they are confident, enthusiastic and have fun while being physically active.


A range of pedagogical approaches are used to ensure that all children are able to be successful. This can range from small group work, to individual targets and whole class activities. Learning journeys are rooted in the children’s prior knowledge and concrete, verbal and visual methods are used to demonstrate new techniques and skills. Teacher modelling, adaptation, extension and application is vital to ensuring that all children are engaged and challenged.


We therefore intend that all pupils will:


  • Within each year group, develop the basic skills and techniques that will allow them to take part in a wider range of physical activities and sports.


  • Indoors, develop movement, strength and balance (with and without equipment) leading towards the development of gymnastic and dance routines and sequences – which build towards end goals (for example the final dance unit will always link into developing dances and movements to be used within the school production).


  • Outdoors, develop movement strength and balance (with and without equipment) leading towards the development of games (football, rugby, hockey, cricket, athletics, netball etc) which build towards end goals (for example: representing the school, inter-house competitions, sports day).


  • Have opportunities to be active throughout the school day - break time, lunch time (including equipment and multi-skills), weekly running challenges - e.g. golden mile, mini workouts, yoga etc.


How you can support us


  • Ensure your child is always present with the correct PE kit (St Peter’s shirt, royal-blue shorts, white socks, navy-blue joggers and a navy-blue jumper). Regardless of the timetabled day, kit should come in on a Monday and go home (to be washed) on a Friday. Having a kit in all week allows greater flexibility with weather and other aspects that could lead to a change in timetable.


  • Encourage your child to be physically active outside of school. Whether that is through joining a sporting club, running or some other form of physical exercise. Establishing this good practice early will help them to make physical activity part of their daily/weekly routine and help them to live healthier lifestyles.


  • Volunteer to help with a school club – this will enable the school to offer a wider range of clubs for the children to attend.


How we can support you at home


Below is a range of online resources suggested by Energise Me (a partner in the Hampshire School Games) that include ideas and guidance on how to be fit and healthy in and around the home.