Autumn Term 2019 :

Year 6 had fun with place value maths today. They used a die to select a number, subtract it from 999,999 and try and get as close to 100 as possible. They then had to extend themselves by explaining their strategy.


Year 5 Class MJ were taking advantage of the late summer sunshine as they read their books at the picnic table outside their classroom.



PHSE – Year 6

Year 6 have spent time discussing the importance of internet safety. Additionally they spent time discussing their interpretations of cyber-bullying, thinking of examples and understanding how the smallest of actions can have consequences.
They all agreed that the overwhelming message they took away from the session was that ‘words have consequences’ and how we write messages may lead to misinterpretation and could cause upset.




Year 5 Taster Day @ Kings’ School, Winchester

On Tuesday 16th July Year 5 took part in a taster day at Kings’ School. In the morning they completed an eco-friendly enterprise activity and in the afternoon they participated in a round robin of sports activities. We were very proud of Emily who competed against boys from the other schools in a tie tying competition – she was a winner. This was a really great day out and gave the children a real flavour of what it might be like at a secondary school in the future.



Year 5 Taster Visit from St. Annes

On Tuesday afternoon Year 5 girls were visited by two teachers from St Anne’s school to give them a flavour of what life might be like if they chose to go to this school. They spent the afternoon using microscopes to investigate cells; they also completed an RE activity examining their own strengths.

The teachers who visited were impressed by our girls’ enthusiasm and aptitude. Well done Year 5!


Trip to House of Lords!

On the 8th July, four Year 5 girls and Mrs Jeavons took the train from Winchester station to London. Baroness Cox had invited them to have Afternoon Tea at the tearooms in the House of Lords. They had received this invitation because they had been so moved by the work done by the charity that Baroness Cox is patron of.. As a result the girls had been planning a fundraiser for it since they first found out about it when they were in Year 3. Their very successful event raised £154 for HART (Humanitarian Aid Relief and Trust). For afternoon tea, they had homemade scones with cream and jam and apple juice (Mrs Jeavons had a lemon tea). Baroness Cox told them all about her experiences as an activist and an aid worker. She was very interested in the lives of our pupils here in Winchester and impressed with the empathy they demonstrate. The group was also treated to a tour of the building and a trip to the galleries of the Lords and the Commons to watch government in action. This was an occasion that everyone involved will remember for the rest of their lives!

Written by Emma, Lucia, Chiara and Sophia



Year 6 Bamenda Workshop 17th June 2019
On Monday, Year 6 Took part in a workshop on the Diocese of Portsmouth’s link Diocese in Cameroon. The children realised, from the discussion and pictures how fortunate they are. They enjoyed trying on the traditional dress and studying the beautiful artwork.

Ethan said, “The people of Bamenda take religion very seriously , and they keep a lot of our religious features sacred and holy”.



A visit from the British Parliament Educational Team
Years 4 and 5 were lucky enough to experience a visit from an the Houses of Parliament Educational team. They discussed what the role of parliament was in the UK and how they could have an impact too. The children learned how MPs voted on new laws and practised walking through doors: The Year 5s were ayes to the right and the Year 4s were noes to the left.

They were asked what they would like to write to their MP about:
Izzy said, “The Environment”.
Ben said, “Brexit”.
Bridget Said, “Climate Change”.

Congratulations to all Year 6’s

Thank you to all our wonderful Year 6s who did themselves proud during their SATs last week. Their unwavering enthusiasm and resilience allowed them to complete the tests in the best St Peter’s spirit possible: they are truly role models of Christ’s teachings to others.






Hampshire Games

Last Thursday we sent 3 teams (Basketball, Hockey and Netball) to the Hampshire Games to represent both the school and North Eastleigh and Winchester. Along with most of the children, it was also Mr Heys’ first experience of the event which is grand in its scale and motivational in terms of the quality and variety of sports that were being played. All of the children represented the school in a positive manner all day both on and off the sports pitches. In the basketball competition, the team played with great flair and skill and managed to get to the Quarter Finals. In the hockey, the children competed and gave their all and were always involved in competitive and close games. To see them perform so well at such an early stage of their hockey development was incredibly encouraging. The netball competition was particularly fierce and the team were unfortunate not to qualify for the knockout stage of the competition, although they can take pride in beating the eventual winners. None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of some parent helpers and so we would like to say a big thank you.


Design Technology (DT) in Year 5

Y5 have been very busy making cam toys as part of their curriculum learning for DT. This has been interesting, educational and great fun!







The children started by producing a landscape using oils in the style of Van Gogh. The children inspired by his work created their own landscapes pictures of St Catherine’s Hill in the style of ‘A Starry Night’. Following on from this children also investigated more realistic approaches to creating landscape pictures including sketching landscapes inspired by the views they saw from their field trip along the Itchen River.




In RE this Year we particularly enjoyed widening our knowledge of other religions. As a year group we focussed on Buddhism and learnt about the story of the Buddha. One element that we focussed on was the eight fold path – what it meant to our lives and what similarities and differences it had to Jesus’ teachings. In developing our understanding of our own faith we also considered the words of St Paul and the influence that they have on us as Christians and how they effect how we live our lives.





Across the wide variety of different writing styles texts that we have looked at this year one that we particularly enjoyed was the Pearl Diver (and not just because we found out that Mrs Woolgar once worked as a Pearl Diver herself). Inspired by this we wrote our own stories; in this one the Nakhuda (or Captain) comes to a rather grisly end.




In Science, a key lesson we have learned this year has been to adapt and change our plans. When experimenting we have tried to consider what has been successful and what hasn’t. If something didn’t work or give us meaningful results we have looked at how we could adapt and improve our experiments.